Bright Beginnings

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One of our dear children said the darndest thing yesterday which really sums up what we do and why we’re here. He came into our office to see his socialworker who asked him, “How is my friend today?” He looked at her with the most serious expression and said, “We’re not friends!” She was a bit taken aback and asked him what he meant. He said, “We’re not friends. We’re family!” Of course, that meant he got the biggest hug ever!

Our children make the challenging work we do for homeless families just a little bit easier, and one of my favorite things is introducing new friends to these little friends and welcoming them to the Bright Beginnings family. It gives me great pleasure to welcome incoming boardmembers Paul L. Berry, Jr., Ann M. Friedman, William B. Johnson, Dr. Ruth Hubbell McKey, Billie Johnson McSeveney and Dr. Brian J. Peters to this family. I also want to thank departing boardmembers Kimberly Boyd-Lewis, Susan Gutchess, Larry King and Sally Wells for their many years of service to our families and their children. I know they will remain dear friends of Bright Beginnings. Once you’re part of this family, you’re always part of the family and we know we can call on you at any time.

I hope all of you will visit us soon for our special Dream Booster Tour that will pack inspiration and information into 60 minutes through the stories of our children and their parents. I invite you to join us for this special tour if you have not visited us lately or you’re new to our family. Sign up today! I promise it’s something you’ll want to share with everyone you know.

There is much work to be done to prepare homeless infants, toddlers and preschoolers for kindergarten and to provide the comprehensive family-centered services that stabilize their families. And, there’s more room in our family!